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PostSubject: NEW PLAYER FAQ   Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:33 pm

1. What is "Avander"?
a. Avander is an RP game. It is run by an Admin, and does NOT use anything electronic except for communication purposes. In other words, it is run by a DM. You tell the DM what your character is doing, and the DM tells you what is going on.

2. How do I play?
a. First, register on this forum (Don't worry, it's free). Then, create a Character on the "Sheets" board. Wait for approval by KenRu. Then, get Windows Live Messenger (That too is free) and add as Contact "KenRu@live.com". Make sure to mention in the "message" part something about Avander. Now that you are in contact, try to get a microphone, and then wait for a message from KenRu about starting an RP session.

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