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 Thornstromb the Altered

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PostSubject: Thornstromb the Altered   Thu May 07, 2009 3:52 am

Full Name: Thorn Storm Belial
Nickname: Thornstromb

Race: FORMERLY Godseer (Gods Eye) + Latex Demon (mother is a latent Godseer, father was a Doushou)
--------NOW Unknown (Due to the experiment that changed his genetic makeup)

Gender: MALE!!!
Hair: ... think inuyasha style, but about half that length... and midnight blue. ie, black, but a slight blue shine from the right angles.
Eye: Silvery Whites, Dark Golden Irises, Pupils look like black diamonds. (hard to describe that one...)
Height: A little taller than the average Tall Dark And Handsome.
Weight: See above, only without the first (taller) part.
Age: 28
Alignment: Variable Good
Power Alignment: Opposing Light-Dark Alignment / Rune
Armor: Something like a cross between samurai dress clothes and a wanderers cloak. While on missions, he wears his customized Dragoon Armor Mk 5. Also, has slightly chitinous plates almost like armor on his skin, they are somewhat part of his shapeshifting ability. See "Prototype" game for the general idea of what they look like.

Natural powers: Aetherial Sight, Shapeshifting

Spec. Magic: Magnum Strike, Basic Magic, Runic Magic (See Known Runes)

Racial Skill: Used to be Godseer. Now is a "Freak", and has the ability to form solid objects from body (like the Liquid Metal Terminator with the arms. Can also change makeup, ie turn body into metal armor. Any form must have a face, and the head usually stays head-shaped. Can change face ie look like anyone.) Note that transformed arms and such, when transformed into metal, can be used to Magnum Strike.

Weapons: (See Upgrades)

Martial Arts: Demon Fist, Omega Blitz/Raid/Tank/Swift (LE Styles), Omega Gray (Custom style based off of the LE styles), Rune Fist, Magnum, and Rune Knight Weapon Mastery

Appearance: Humanoid, with slight horns (VERY slight), hands are slightly claw-ish, and he has slight fangs. All such features are now purely by choice, as he could remove them easily due to his altered state.

History: At about 18 years old, he snuck into the Abyss, where he began to train as a demon, though he was neither demon nor Doushou (you can only become a Doushou by ascending... as a full demon. half-demons aren't born Doushou). He stayed for 188 years, all the time secretly training his Godseer Abilites. Most just believed him to be a natural Hell-smith. He could never quite fully mature though. Then, his skills were found out. Since a Godseer is usually a good person, he was banished. They took a slight pity on him and let him keep his clothing and the 2 weapons, Blanc and Blank, which he made. Then recently, while investigating a facility, he was captured by an evil scientist mage and experimented upon. This is the reason for his new powers, and why he is no longer the Latex Demon he once was. In fact, the Mage had experimented (without success) upon EVERY OTHER LATEX DEMON IN EXISTENCE. The race of Latex Demons... is Gone. After killing the Mage in a Blood Rage, the portal the mage had opened summoned Cthulhu, which Thorn realized was the REAL perpetrator of the death of his race. He now is Honor-Bound to kill Cthulhu.

Personality: His personality changed a bit after experiencing a Blood Rage of such magnitude. He is more willing to fight now, but will still attempt to avoid combat situations. However, when angered he can enter a controlled Rage. Also has more of an affinity to the sadistic, and so has less difficulty thinking of what an evil person would do. (Also has matured mentally, and is now about 22 years old in that regard) Still likes to frack with people, and is still mischievous. Also, he HATES his last and middle names, and will get extremely pissed off whenever he is referred to as such. Always calls himself by his nickname. When in an EXTREME rage (This has happened once, during the Blood Rage right after being changed), he will say to anyone who might hear "My name is Thorn Storm Belial.".... at which point it is pretty much guaranteed that someone will die a horrible and painful death.

Belongings: (See Belongings)

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PostSubject: approved   Thu May 07, 2009 6:29 am

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PostSubject: Wrack   Thu May 21, 2009 10:33 pm

Full Name: Dragon's Wrath
Nickname: Wrack
Race: Construct

Height: 8'
Weight: 800 lbs.
Alignment: Fire
Armor: Ancient red Dragon Scale Armor

Natural powers: Jump jets, Miniature Warp Drive
Weapons: Dragon's Reaver, Flame Shot
Martial Arts: anything and everything... well almost.

Appearance: pretty much this But encased in Dragon scale armor https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/13/73/63/84/gods_w10.jpg
Personality: Unknown
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PostSubject: Revenant Grimiore   Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:17 pm

[] = Do not know proper stanzas to use

--- Special Runes Known

[Omega] - [BLANK] - [Rune Sigil] -

--- Learned Main Runes

Earth - Water - Air - Fire - Light - Darkness - Sin - Justice - Science - Magick - Life - Death - [Star] - Holy - Unholy - Recall - Electricity - Ice -

--- Special Runespells Learned

Weightlessness Enchantment -

--- Special Techniques

Magnum Trebuchet - Launchers forward, arms together, and Magnums entire body at the enemy. Can be assisted by a person.

Magnum Driver - Magnum Strikes forward toward enemy and fires Jump Jets to "drive" the strike even faster. If fired late can be used to extend the Strike through multiple targets.

Blood Inferno Spin - Double horizontal slash at the same point with Blanc (cuts) and then the Black Blood Ruby Magi Blade (Hits wound, Blood catches fire) immediately after.

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PostSubject: Upgrades   Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:39 am

Armor : Dragoon Armor Mk5
-Material: (Color = Pitch Black)
--Hell Airidonium (Immunity to Heat and Fire [And Normal Plasma] except: Actual Hellfire, Hellfire Rounds, Dragon Fire [All except young dragons flames], True Fire, Cosmic Fire, White Fire [No Effect], Black Fire)
--4 Layers Ballistic Gel
--3 Layers Super-High Processor
--5x Strength
--5x Speed
--2x Reflexes
--Core: Advanced
--Arcane: Yes
--Mass Spectrum: Yes
--Energy Spectrum: Yes
-Shield: Medium
--Matrix: No
--Jump Jets: Long Jump
--Drive Module: Hover Drive
--Space-Fold Cloaking: No
--Stealth Field Generator: No
-Drone: Yes
--Shields: Medium
---Mass Spectrum = Yes
---Energy Spectrum = Yes
---ID Scanner = Yes
---Advanced = Yes
-AI: (Female) Jenny
--Hacking Link: No
---Hacking Protocol: No
---Hacking Module: No
--Defensive Protocols:
---Firewall: None
---Lockdown: None
---Arcane Shielding: No
---Psionic Shielding: No
--ID Protocols:
---Auto-ID: Yes
---Magic ID Protocols:
----Elemental ID: Yes
----Arcane ID: Yes
----Summons ID: Yes
----Special ID: Yes

Melee :
-Blanc : (BROKEN)
-Magi Blade
--Black Blood Ruby (Blood Fire)
-Umbrox (Scythe) - The Dripping Blade - Rend-Type water ability, merged with body

Ranged :
--(+2) Clip Size [20]
--Extended Barrel 3
--Ammo Link [Dragoon Armor]
---Night Vision
---HUD Attachment
--Lethal Caliber [.48 Magnum]
--Double Barrel
--Double Extended Clip [24]
--HUD Link [Dragoon Armor]
--HUD Mini-Scope Attachment
--Laser Pointer
--Recoil Dampener [25%]
--Absolute Recoil Dampener [100%]
--Higher Caliber [.300 Magnum]
--Extended Clip [10]
--HUD Link [Dragoon Armor]
--Scope Upgrades
---Night Vision
---HUD Attachment
--Laser Pointer
--Extended Clip [40]
--Enhanced Overcharger [1.5x]
--Overcharger Capacity Upgrade [4x]
--Suppressor Upgrade [30 seconds]
--HUD Link [Dragoon Armor]
--HUD Mini-Scope Attachment
--Laser Pointer [Laser Detonator]
--Plasma Chambers Available
---Normal Plasma Chamber
---Black Plasma Chamber (Installed)
--HUD Link [Dragoon Armor]
--HUD Mini-Scope Attachment
--Laser Pointer
-"Blank" : A weapon made at the same time as Blanc, it is just a large, .48 Magnum caliber 7-round Revolver. It is made of very high-grade steel, and is otherwise useless now that Thorn has a RESAM.

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PostSubject: Belongings   Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:59 pm

Current Belongings:

Armored Backpack (Dimensional Pocket)
Black Blood Ruby (Magi Blade)
.48 Magnum (100 Normal, 20 FMJ, 20 AP, 20 Tracer, 20 Shredder, 20 Incendiary, 20 HE, 20 Plasma, 100 Dark Plasma, 20 Red Plasma, 20 White Plasma, 20 Blue Plasma, 220 Plasmatter)
.12 Gauge (24 Normal, 72 Dark Plasma, 48 Needler, 24 Thunder Storm, 240 Plasmatter)
.300 Magnum (199 AP, 100 HE, 100 Plasmatter, 10 Hellranger)
Plasma Cell (800 Normal, 398 Black Plasma, 400 White Plasma, 400 Red Plasma, 400 Blue Plasma, 396 Powered)
Fuel Tanks (19 Black Plasma)
Armory Ticket
Book of Runes (Unreadable)
2 Rings of Healing
1 Ring of Sense Life
9 Holy Water Grenades
10 Spike Grenades
2 Flashbang Grenades
3 God's Wrath Swords
3 God's Wrath Spears
2 God's Wrath Elite Swords
15 Bars of Iron
7 Bars of Pure Mithril
8 Bars of Mithril
7 Bars of Sun Mithril
5 Large Hand chunks of Onyx
10 Head-Sized Chunks of Jasper
2 Rubies
2 Sapphires
10 Foot Ancient Red Dragon Bone (3.14 sq ft Base area x Ft Height = Volume [Compressed = 68%])
10 ft of Ancient Red Dragon Webbing
10 Feet of Arch-Demon Hide
1 Quart of Arch-Demon Toejam (highly acidic)
1 Arch-Demon Tail
4 Arch-Demon Back Spikes
10 Arch-Demon Scales
5 Soul Gems (Hellhound)
20 Glass Jars
3 Mana Potions
4 Glowing Dandelions
6 Shard Spider Legs (3 Small Shards each)
Half of a Shard Wolf Tail
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PostSubject: Re: Thornstromb the Altered   

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Thornstromb the Altered
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