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 Terms, Abilities, and Other Basic Knowledge

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PostSubject: Terms, Abilities, and Other Basic Knowledge   Thu May 07, 2009 6:40 pm

This is where I'll be putting all the stuff you need /want to know about if I miss anything pm me to point it out please. Thank you.

Shift: The ability to displace yourself from existence and reappear somewhere else at the same time IE instant transportation. NOT teleporting, where there is a couple of seconds of time dilation. Standard maximum distance is 30 feet, and the destination must be in sight. Shift cannot go through solid objects. (Even if you can see through it, like a glass wall for example. Remember Shift CAN go AROUND an object, but the 30 ft is the length of the path)

D-Jump: The ability to open a wormhole between dimensions without the aid of a mechanical/magical device. This ability is really draining. Is NOT instant travel.

Haze: The ability to distort one's whole body by going slightly out-of-phase. Basically only a very limited number of things can harm you, like high-level magics, anything that distorts gravity, time, or space, and ion weapons. This is limited to a short period of time (about 5 seconds), and is draining.

Jump: Gives you the power to throw yourself to another dimension. Unfortunately, you can't see where you will end up and you can only do it once a month or so; it is also known as the Roulette Jump.

Opposing (Good-Evil) Alignment: Means there's an inner struggle, even if it's small, between two alignments. It can vary more to the point of like 'opposing fire-water alignment'

Khaos Co.: An Inter-Dimensional Inter-Planetary Company on a massive scale. Led by KenRu.

Demon of Destruction: The 4 Demons of Destruction are beings of existence that live only to destroy. It is said that once there are 6 Demons of Destruction, the War of Existence will begin. The demons are planet-striding colossi. (plural of Colossus)

The Black Virus: The black virus is a living Corruption plague that exists to consume. It is marked as a Priority One problem. The only way found so far to slow it down is blessed thermite. Jezzibella of the Linear Existence is also immune to corruption.

Priority One problem: So far there are only 3 things that are a priority one problem. The 4 Demons of Destruction. The Black Virus. And The Obelisk.

Kaze the Rune Reader: Kaze is an ancient dragon from before the dragon war. During the war he became a divine dragon but gave up the chance to become a god in order to become the Guardian of the Rune Primal.

Primals: There are many primals all with their own tenets for their followers to abide by, but other than punishing those of their followers who break their tenets, they remain passive. They are beings outside of the Existences, and are essentially the Elements of The All. Beyond the power of the One True Gods, IF they were active.

Primal Cores: A group of primals that function together. For example, the Primals of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life, and many more are all part of the Primal Core of the Nature Primal. Most primals are part of more than one Primal Core

Rune Primal: The tenet of the Rune Primal is to protect the people (IE masses). The Guardian of this Primal is Kaze the Rune Reader.

Life Primal: The tenet of the Life Primal is to protect the balance of nature. The Guardian of this Primal is the Tree of Life.

The Primal of Insanity: This is one of the few Primals that doesn't have a tenet but the power it gives drives all who take it completely insane. (It shows the truths that are hidden behind the lies.) The Guardian of this Primal is the Eye of Insanity.

Mysteream of the Arcaneum: The most sought-after arcane text. Said to hold the truth of the arcane arts.

Ripple Effect: The term for how beings from Necropolis enter and exit dimensions.

Vanish: Go invisible for very short periods of time.

K Corps.: the Khaos Co. military.

Wraith Cursed: It's a curse that is passed on to the person who kills the Wraith King. The curse gives all the previous Wraith King's power to the new one. Which is the person who killed the Wraith King. It posseses that person, corrupting them, and making the new Wraith King even more powerful. Oh and also turning the person who killed the Wraith King into a Wraith. This curse ERASES personality. If you kill the Wraith King, you BECOME the Wraith King.

Rend: The rend ability comes in multiple levels. First there's the basic Rend which rends flesh. Then there's Rend which rends through flesh and bone. Then there's True Rend which can rend flesh, bone, and most metals. The final Rend is believed to be unique to the Demons of Destruction; Absolute Rend, which can rend anything except the ancient weapons. The way Rend works is it atomizes its way through something as it cuts.

The Blood Pact: The Blood Pact is a contract between two beings, usually one who relies on blood and one who does not. It intertwines their destinies and links them forever.

Phylactery: A Magical Artifact that Magi use to become Lichs by binding their life essence to it. A phylactery can be ANYTHING.

Clipped spells: A short version of spells that are often used by melee magi.

Existence: A multiverse. All of Creation. Has ONE creator (One True God). There are more than one. They operate on completely different principals. Most rational belief is that each Existence has a purpose. It is also believed that the "Prime" Existences are such because their purpose is to exist.

One True God: A Creator. Maker of an Existence. Each OTG can only make ONE Existence, and when that one dies they either become the Watching Gods (they sit back and watch the antics of everything else), or they pass on their powers of Creation to a NEW OTG. The latter will cause the original OTG to cease to be. They are on the same level as the Primals, but only because they are active.

The All: A term that refers to all Existences and everything outside of them. The realm of the One True Gods and the Primals.

Real: Capitalized. A special term that indicates a person or thing that is beyond perception. Since reality is based on perception (we only consider something "real" if we can sense it or rationalize it. Anoter person who cannot sense that something would not consider it "real".), nothing is truly "Real". A "Real" thing would be KNOWN by all, even if it's at the subconcious level. The one type of thing a One True God CANNOT CREATE! A Real person is beyond the power of anything in The All. Something that is Real will treat anything that is not Real as if it didn't exist. That is why The Existing Sword was the most powerful weapon in The All; It cut ANYTHING, even that which cannot be cut. The first Real things were Shatterpulse and The Existing Sword. Shatterpulse is currently the ONLY Real thing in The All, and is known as The Real One. See his LE sheet for details.

LE: Linear Existence. On a sheet title it means that that char is from the Linear Existence, and his Pre-Merge state is veiwable in the Linear Existence sub-forum.

Anchor Point: Similar to a Linear Focus. Provides stability to the reality of an Existence. Immune to the Reverse Omni-Directional Drive on the Black Fortress. Cannot be destroyed.

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Terms, Abilities, and Other Basic Knowledge
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