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 PC Race's

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PostSubject: PC Race's   Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:55 am

Drow: Dark elves are typically a cruel, ruthless, and sadistic race. Because of their social world they are also a race that finds it VERY hard to trust anyone; for lying, deceit, and distrust are rampant in their society. Because of this they are typically backstabbing and out to protect themselves above all else. They excel in Dual-Wielding Weapons and in Stealth.

High Drow: High Drow are basically the goodly noble version of the Drow. They excel in 2-Handed Weapons and in Destructive Magic.

Wood Elves: Wood Elves are forest dwelling semi-nomadic elves. They excel in Tracking and are really good with Ranged.

Lythari: Lythari are wood elves that can transform into a wolf. Though classified as lycanthropes they can only transform into wolves. Typically a peaceful race preferring the role of scout or messenger... if they participate in war at all.

Wild Elves: Wild elves are the most barbaric of all the elven races and are also largely nomadic.

Gray Elves: Gray elves are a race of elves that, although being one of the most arrogant of elven races, have a society built on commerce.

High Elves: High elves are adept with the arcane arts, with an immense thirst for knowledge.

Holy High Elves: Holy high elves are very spiritual and have a very strong sense of justice. They typically have light blue hair but otherwise look just like high elves except for the fact that they are a bit more muscular then most elves.

Moon elves: Moon elves are the most common elven race to find among other races, the reason for which is that they are the most tolerant. They have silvery skin.

Dead Elves: Dead elves or Ghosts as the rest of elven kind call them. They are a race of elves who are inherently necromancers. They have solid black eye's, pale white skin, and their hair is tipped in red. they can always call at least one skeleton to their aid.

Red Elves: The Red Elves (also known as the Blood Elves or Berserker Elves) are by far the most vicious and yet most kindly race of elves. Being small in number, they live in fortress-like villages, and their culture and architecture are reminiscent of the Orientals. Their body structure is very muscular, although it is also quite slim. They have ether red, black, or silver hair and always have red eyes.

Nezumi: Nezumi are rat people they have a good sence of smell, hearing, and can see well in the dark. They have digitagrade legs, muzzles, furr, and long tails.

Kitsune: Are a divine race they start with no tails and through years of hard work and good deeds they grow tails which give them divine power. It is said that when a Kitsune gains ten tails they become a god.

Fallen Angel: Fallen angels are angels that were exiled from heaven with their wing's removed. Most Fallen Angels eventually become devils, but in a few rare cases they retain their purity and come to be called Rouge Angels. A half angel is called a nephilim of said race they're offset with; for example drow nephilim.

Demons: Demon's come in many shapes sizes and everything else. For example Dog demons, cat demons, succubi, Berserkers, fire demons, ice demons, latex/liquid demons, and many, many, many more.

Dousho: Dousho are a rare happening. They are basically the reverse of fallen angels... Demons who have 'ascended'. More precisely they are demons that have forsaken their evil ways and now can only fight things that are 'Evil'. Can also refer to half-demons that are born and raised by "Good", at least as long they don't become evil.

Dwarves: A stout folk well-known for their exceptional Forging, love of alcohol, and their ferocity on the battlefield.

Gnome: A small of stature race that dwells in the earth. They excel in arcane arts, alchemy, and engineering. Have bad relations with Drow.

White Wraith: Wraiths that opposed the ideals of the wraith king and turned against him but were unsuccessful in killing him and were chased out of necropolis. It is said that the last of them now reside in Horaggen, a fallen fortress of the once proud and noble country of Anor.

Archon: Elementals

Human: Your typical blank slate race.

Demi-Human: these are humans with animal traits.

Dragoon: Dragoon is the name for half dragons. They grow into their draconic traits; initially, they look like their offset race. Below are the powers of each color;

All dragon 'breath' attacks are generated from the palm of the dragoons hand they first get one then they can generate the other after they have learned to fully control the first witch usually take 50 years. The breath attacks take the form of a jet stream.

-Platinum: Corrosive Wind
-Gold: Fire, or Weakening Gas depending on species
-Silver: Cold, or Paralyzing depending on species
-Bronze: Lightning, or Repulsive Gas depending on species
-Copper: Fire, or Sleeping Gas depending on species
(Metal Dragons are immune to their respective metal, and are slightly resistant to their breath type)
-Red: Fire
--Magma: Molten Rock
--Ruby: Fire - Grows rubies between scales that are magical conduits
-White: Cold, Lightning depending on species
-Black: Acid
-Green: Poison, or can accelerate the growth of plants depending on species
-Blue: Lightning, or water depending on species
--Arcane: Arcane Bolts
(Color Dragons are immune to their respective breath type)
-Amethyst: Clear rippling air of Corrosion
-Topaz: Dehydration
-Jade: Green Fire, the Fire of Dreams and Illusions
-Emerald: Sonic Cone (Sound)
-Sapphire: Subsonic cone of Sound (Confusion)
(Gemstone Dragons are either made of or grow in their respective gems, and are skilled at magic use)
-Shadow: Shadow (as a Dragoon, you will have no Breath but will be adept at Shadow Magic)
-Wind: Gale Force Breath - No Wings but as they age they gain the ability to manipulate the winds around them to fly, form a wind shield, etc.
-Crystal: Light Cone
-Darkness: Darkness

Anorean: A race Created in Oblivion. Well balanced and statistically malleable race, home plane is Oblivion (non-existence). A goodly race, distinguishing features are their Ebony-lavender skin, black hair, piercing blue eyes, and their stunning wings. Largely female race, males aren’t rare but aren’t common. Able to vanish (Invisibility) for very short periods of time.

Doran-Au: The Doran-Au is a race of elves that has a crystal that grows in their forehead usually being blue, green, purple, or in some RARE cases red. In one excessively rare case it was black. The wiser the person gets the bigger the stone gets the biggest they ever get is the size of a quarter in diameter, and they resemble a third eye. But because of the path of evolution only Doran-Au with white gems can use physic abilities. However they are unparalleled marksmen. Players can’t ever have a white gem. It is exesivly rare to find a half breed of this race.

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PostSubject: Demon Sub-Races   Thu May 21, 2009 3:53 am

Succubus: A female demon that is a seductress. The male of this race is called an incubus.

Isonan: An ice type succubus sub-species known for their beauty and the fact that they are one of they only succubi species that doesn't take the soul of the people they make love with.

Canine Demon: Dog Demon. Comes in 2 degrees. Humanoid, like InuYasha is, with dog ears, claws, and clawed feet, And Beastial. Beastial is more Canine than Humanoid, and while more powerful, they are also less intelligent. Both are loyal, and both are inherently weak to any commanding presence.

Feline Demon: Cat Demon. Comes in 2 degrees. Humanoid, with cat ears, tail, claws on hands and feet, and usually a few whiskers. And Beastial.

Berserker Demon:

Blood Demon:

Shadow Demon:

Standard Demon: Standard DEMON look. Most common. Has Horns, Claws, and an affinity for darkness and fire.

Liquid Demon: A liquid entity of demonic nature, a type which is usually associated with the Liquid Latex Demons, who are partially Succubus/Incubus. Some sub-species of said demons are not "feral", and the other half of the Liquid Demon category is the Water Demons. Slime Demons are possible, but are not playable due to lack of intellect. (Due to in-game events, ALL Latex Demons and subraces of Latex Demons are NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE... Genocidal Mad Scientist Mages, anyone?)

TBA on the rest

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PostSubject: Unique/semi-Unique races (NPC)   Thu May 21, 2009 4:09 am


Godseer: A human race with a special genetic key, among a rare few of this otherwise fully human race are those that are the true source of their title; those with the power of Sight, the power to view another Existence, separate from their own. And rarer still are those with the power to Displace, thereby applying the laws of the reality they can see to the world in which they live, allowing the working of otherworldly magic and science otherwise impossible. But the most legendary are the Summoners, capable of pulling through to their world not just the reality, but an actual OBJECT, from the world they see. There are no more than 5 Summoners in this Existence, and while using their powers is highly draining, they are never to be trifled with. The things which they can summon are legendary even in their world of origin, and can have powers otherwise unthinkable. (note, this can be used in half-humans as the "Human" race... but due to conflicting natures, you cannot combine Godseer race with Lythari, Dead Elf, Kitsune, White Wraith, Archon, or Dragoon races) [MUST be FULLY cleared with KenRu before using, due to power. Also, you will NOT be able to Summon immediately]

Half Devil Half Angelic: Unlike the half devil half angel the half devil half angelic is a one of a kind occurrence. if their where to ever be another one it would probably be killed at birth like they tried to do to The Halfa. 'Unfortunately' they failed.

Angelic: Angelics are an excessively rare race numbering in only maybe 14 or 15 ever to live.

Devil: Opposite of an Angelic.

The Black Angelic: The Black Angelic is a Cosmic 'impossibility'. He is the Light Born In the Darkness. The Monster of Hope Hidden in the shadows of all history. It is said that he doesn't exist, but that's what some people say about GOD now isn't it?

GOD: Well it's GOD what more is there to say?
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PostSubject: Re: PC Race's   

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PC Race's
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