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 Zorn Taov (Varinus)

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Zorn Taov

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PostSubject: Zorn Taov (Varinus)   Sat May 09, 2009 1:58 am

Full Name: Zorn Taov
Race: Anthro Fox

Gender: Male
Hair: Long Green Ponytail
Eye: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Age: 21
Alignment: Good
Power Alignment: Physical
Armor: An earring in the right ear (A perfect hemisphere of smooth light blue turquoise, without inclusions. the base and rim in which it is set is 900 fine Morgan silver dollar silver. The mount is a post and clamp type, also in silver), a SPECIAL necklace made by my Teacher (An elegant necklace and delicate platinum chain that can't be removed, the chain circles my neck. In the center is a palm sized flat ruby set into the chain. the gem changes color to suit what form I'm in, blood red ruby for Varin, and for Zorn a brilliant golden topaz all the size of my palm. One end of the chain looks like the head of a venomous snake and it is, the gem is the heart of the snake [note, the snake IS alive]. On the gem is engraved "Property of Kealen"), Shadow Dragon Leather Pants, Shadow Dragon Leather Vest, Shadow Dragon Leather Gloves, Ring of Healing, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Stone Skin, Ring of Invisibility

Natural powers: Soul Shift
Weapons: RESAM, 1 Adamantium Longsword, 1 Triconium Katar, 2 Shadow Dragon Clawed Katars (Shock Runed), 2 Iron Katars, 1 Wyrm Claw Knife, 2 Combat Knives
Martial Arts: freestyle


History: Has Amnesia
Personality: Happy-Go-Lucky, playful, friendly, just don't touch his butt...

Money: 4,340,400
Backpack: Mysterious Gem, Wyrm Claws x3, Longsword, 6 Shadow Dragon Scales, 1 Shadow Dragon Plate, Fancy Ring, 2 Vials of White Sage, 4 Empty Tranquilizer Darts


Full Name: Varinus
Nickname: Varin
Race: Daemon Anthro Fox

Gender: Male
Hair: Long Jet Black Hair
Eye: White (No pupils)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Power Alignment: Shadow
Armor: Whatever Zorn is wearing

Natural powers: Shadow Manipulation and Blood Manipulation
Weapons: Bloodmetal and Shadow Blades
Martial Arts: (tba)


Personality: He will have FUN while he kills you...

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PostSubject: Approved   Sat May 09, 2009 3:13 pm

k it looks good and all you need to do is finish whats missing.

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Zorn Taov (Varinus)
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