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 Khaos Co. Divisions

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PostSubject: Khaos Co. Divisions   Fri May 15, 2009 8:27 pm

Space Marines: These are the standard infantry. 3rd Largest Division. About 1/3 are worthy of the title MARINE (My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment)

Spec. Ops: The Special Operations Division takes high priority missions. Also the Gun Knights are a subdivision of the Spec. Ops.

Black Ops: Not a Division, only a platoon, but is treated as a separate Division. Better known as Demon Platoon. The Best of The Best of The Best, Sir! Do NOT cross.

Navy: All personnel who run the ships, from Captains, Pilots, and Engineers to the Custodial Officers (latrine duty)

Armored Corps: Tanks, Carriers, and all other Wheeled/Hover/Tracked Vehicles.

Heavy Armor Corps: Same as above, but for the REALLY big guns.

Mechanized Corps: Combat Mechs. aka Mecha, Hercs, Gundams, Orbital Frames, whatever.

Heavy Mech Corps: Again, same as above, but for the big guns. Most of the Mech designs in this division are originally (Pre-Khaos-Modification) capable of Space-borne Combat.

Medic Corps: Medics. Of course. No Jims allowed.

R&D Corps: Research and Development. Techies, Archeologists, Geneticists, Programmers, and Psychologists..... wait a minute..... (also, full size is unknown, treated as 2nd Largest Division) In addition, all Schools run by Khaos Co. technically fall within this Division. ie, the Corps of Education.

Accounting: WTF!!! The guys behind the monetary distributions of Khaos Co. ...The Military Police (MPs) are a subdivision. Arguably better than the Demon Platoon. Largest Division.

Freelancers: Freelance Mercs. Usually stronger alone than any one person from another division (except the Division Commanders, depending on the case). Sometimes work in pairs, or even groups. Is actually not a division, but might be larger than the Accounting Division if it was.

Gun Knights: Subdivision of the Spec. Ops. Founded by Iizac Richards, The Gunman, when he arrived from the Linear Existence. The Gun Knights use little magic other than prepared magical ammunition. They all carry an Omnigun (see LE sheet for Iizac Richards), ranging from the basic Mk- to the ultimate MkXX. The Gun Knights who prove their skill are promoted, and the AI of their gun is transferred into the next version as they increase in rank. The ranks are: Trainee ; Gunner (Mk -) ; Operator (Mk +, much greater functionality unlocked) ; Gunnery Operator (Mk ++, more unlocked, and allowed to carry a small amount of Non-Foldable ammo for the team) ; Tactical Operator (Mk +++, or Triplus, more carried and unlocked, and is granted the use of the Operations Helm, which has a neural interface allowing for direct thought control of firing mode and ammo type in the Omnigun) ; And the final "Gun Knight" rank, granting the Omnigun Mk XX, the penultimate form second only to Iizac's Mk Infinity. Also, there is the "GunWrath" Platoon, the BEST of the Gun Knights, which is the squad that Iizac himself deploys with.

"Board of Directors": The heads of each Division. Not really a separate Division, but second only to the Administrators.

"Administrators": ?The Top of Khaos Co.? All information at this level is STRICTLY classified. This level doesn't exist. Forget about them.

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Khaos Co. Divisions
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