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 'Class Related Stuff'

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PostSubject: 'Class Related Stuff'   Sat May 16, 2009 11:20 pm

---Rune Users: Rune Users are followers of Kaze The Rune Reader Guardian of the rune primal, and have the obligation to protect the people (innocents).
-----Rune Knights: Rune Knights are artisans who make there own gear, and will only use magic gear they get as a gift or take from dead foes. Otherwise they ONLY use the gear THEY make and enchant with their knowledge of the runes.
-----Rune Priests: These are Rune Users who directly follow Kaze. Rune Priests are excessively rare.
-------Rune Mage: These are Rune knights that Specialize in casting.
-------Rune Shot: These are Rune knights that Specialize in ranged weapons and application for runes.
-------Rune Assassins: These are Rune knights that Specialize in using runes for stealth and assassination.
-------Rune Monks: These are Rune knights that Specialize in using runes in unarmed combat.
-----------Rune Master: Also known as Rune Experts. These are Rune Users who have mastered runes and have begun to master EVERYTHING else.
---Mage Knights: Mage knights much like their counter part Battle mages use magic in combat but unlike Battle mages they go a bit farther mastering weapons and learning Clipped spells. Although their magic may be weaker then battle mages they have the training to use it in combat in perfect balance with their sword play. In this fact they're much like rune knights who spend time mastering all weapons before they move on to magic training.
-----Magus Knights: The mage knights equivalence to an arch mage.
-----Lich Knights: A Mage Knight who became a lich for more power.
-----Spell Archer: Spell archers use magic to enchant their arrows on the spot.
---Mage: Spell casters that have devastating magic attacks, but are lacking in other things such as physical strength.
-----Lichs: Lichs are 'Undead' spell casters who have given up life for unlife through the power of phylactery's in search of power. Although a lot of lichs are evil not all are so.
-----Arch-mage: A master mage is often called an arch mage or Magus.
-----Summoner: Summoners are mages that excel in summoning magic.
-----Warlock: these spell casters use dark magic and commonly have a demon bound to them as a familiar.
-----Arcane Archer: unlike the spell archers these spell casters don't use bows and arrows they fire arrows of magic.
---Shadow Mage: Shadow mages are mages that have learned shadow magic witch is a secret that is told to NO ONE.
----Shadow Magus: this is the Shadow mages equivalence to an arch mage.
---Iron Bound: The Iron Bound uses both magic and technology, and can summon weapons, suits of power armor, and more. The Arcane Arms as these things have come to be called are a never before seen form of magitech that unlike Arcaniks you see everywhere; it uses the mage's unique Arua type to create a Suit of Power Armor, and weapons they can summon any time and dismiss to back to the Ó”thereal plane of existence to repair it's self.
-----Titan Bound: the titan bound is the strongest level of Iron Bound they have the ability to summon mecha's.
---Priest: a low class healer impowered by a divine source.
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'Class Related Stuff'
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