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 Drake Axbread

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PostSubject: Drake Axbread   Wed May 27, 2009 3:32 am

Full Name: Drake Axebread
Nickname: Axe
Race: 1/2 Dwarf, 1/2 Anorean

Gender: Male
Hair: Black with a Dark Red Streak (Widows Peak), Black Beard
Eyes: Piercing Dark Blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 270 Lbs
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Power Alignment: Ice
Armor: Toughened Bear Hide Vest, Toughened Bear Hide Cargo Pants and Toughened Bear Hide Mid-Calf Boots, Mithril Chainmail Vest, Mithril Helmet, Wyvern Plate Shield, [Right & Left Kinetic Power Gauntlets, Right & Left Kinetic Power Greaves, Right & Left Kinetic Power Pauldrons, Right & Left Kinetic Power Boots] (Made out of Abyssal Bone Steel)

Natural powers: Iceokinetics (think Iceman), Photographic Memory, and Audiographic Memory
Spec. Magic: Rune Magic, Basic Dwarven Runes (Protection Type)
Halberd (Kodoth the Halberd of Hell)
1 Grav Impulse Dagger
1 Triconium Axe
5 High Carbon Steel Axes
4 Throwing Daggers
12 Wooden Darts
6 Bone Darts
1 Boot

9mm Pistol 1 clip (100 bullets)
RESAM (50 Normal clips - 18 per) + HUD Link (Ammo Display)
RES (126 Normal clips - 8 per) + HUD Link (Ammo Display)
Deadalus (50 Normal clips - 10 per)
2 RESMGs (50 Normal clips - 30 per) + Heavy Caliber (.48 cal) + HUD Link (Ammo Display)

5 Flashbang Grenades
5 Smoke Grenades
6 Black Plasma Grenades
10 Plasma Grenades
10 Fragmentation Grenades
5 HE Grenades
15 Spike Grenades
20 Holy Water Grenades
10 Incineration Grenades

20 Impact Fuses
20 Trigger Fuses
40 Blocks of C-4
20 C-4 Bombs

Martial Arts: Aikido, Tie-Chi (Qi-Gong, Ng style), Rune Fist

Sword Style: Magnum

Appearance: Has a Skull Cap

History: Almost all the small stronghold was left for dead after an enemy attack. Slavers found the small stronghold looking for anything useful. As they looked they found two infants both girls and one 6 year old boy (by far the loudest). When the slavers left they traveled for a week before selling all three of them to a couple at a farm house. Three months later mercenary's came killing the couple and taking the infants. Within two days both girls died. The boy grew up fast, mean, and ruthless, teaching him the ways of a mercenary. Discovering he has a gift from his mother of photographic , and audio memory. At the age of 20 he went with a hunting party going north. As they hunted four were dropped into a pit and skewered. Drake Axbread was the only one that did not fall, instead he was thrown onto a tree knocking him out. When he woke up it was just getting light. For the next two years Drake Axbread lived by him self.

Personality: Mean and ruthless, a bit of a loner with nothing to lose and with no way to know where he came from.

Money: 669,400
Backpack: White Dragonhide Backpack (Holding and Weightlessness)
50 small glass jars with lids

__________________________________(stored in room)______________________________________
Books: Necromancer Book, 2 Arcane Books, Book of Shadow Spells

Rings: Minor Barrier Ring, Kinetic Push Ring, Stone Skin Ring, Levitation Ring

Wyvern parts (3 Plates, 4 3' Sheets of Leather, 25 Scales, Skull)
30 sq ft Ancient Shadow Dragon (ASD) hide
11 ASD Claws
15 ASD Teeth
6 ASD Black Scales
5 Jars of Ancient Shadow Dragon Blood
1/2 of a White Dragon (Lengthwise)

6 Gallons of Whale Fat
100 Foot Whale Skin
12 Whale Ribs
17 Whale Vertebrae
3 Whale Fins
Whale Tail

1 Mystic Crab
1 Clam
1 Shell

Black and Red Dragonhide Camo-Style Pants

20 bars of Refined Iron
2 bags of Raw Iron Ore
17' Filler Rod of Ore
15 bars of Pure Iron Ore
1/2 Trunk of Corrupt Black Sand

1 Liter of Angel Dust

God's Wrath unit Chest Plate
God's Wrath unit Arm
God's Wrath unit Head

1/2 Satchel of Flax
(12) 1' Long Dragon-Root/Flax Hybrid
1 Load Stone Sliver (base)

2 Wine Bottles of Raw Aether

Gems: Black Sapphire, 5 Rubies, 4 Diamonds, 4 Sapphire

20 C-4 Bombs
10 Flashbang Grenades
5 Smoke Grenades
10 Black Plasma Grenades
10 Plasma Grenades
10 Fragmentation Grenades
10 HE Grenades
20 Spike Grenades
20 Holy Water Grenades

45 High Carbon-Steel Axes
9 Refined Iron Throwing Axes
2 Wyvern Throwing Daggers

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PostSubject: Approved   Wed May 27, 2009 3:44 am

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PostSubject: Weapons   Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:33 am

Grav Impulse Dagger, 1 Boot, 4 Throwing Daggers,

Triconium Axe, 5 High Carbon Steel Axes,
Halberd (Kodoth the Halberd of Hell),

12 Wooden Darts, 6 Bone Darts,

9mm Pistol 1 clip (100 bullets),
RESAM (50 clips - 18 per), upgrade HUD up link (ammo dis.)
RES (126 clips - 8 per), upgrade HUD up link (ammo dis.)
Deadalus (10 rounds per clip - 50 clips)
, 2 resmigs (30 rounds per clip - 50 clips), upgrade 0.48 mm, HUD up link (ammo dis.)

5 Flash bang Grenades,
5 Smoke Grenades,
6 Black Plasma Grenades,
10 Plasma Grenades,
10 Fragmentation Grenades,
5 HE Grenades,
15 Spike Grenades,
20 Holy Water Grenades,
10 Incineration Grenades,

20 impact fusses,
20 trigger fusses,
40 blocks of C-4,
20 C-4 Bombs
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PostSubject: Re: Drake Axbread   

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Drake Axbread
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